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Planning, Highways and Transport Committee 1 October 2019

Postedon 26th September, 2019 in Agendas - Planning, Highways & Transport

A meeting of the PLANNING, HIGHWAYS & TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE will take place on 1st October 2019 the Council Chamber, Council Offices, North Street, Ilminster starting at 19:30 hrs.

The public are welcome to attend this meeting. Members of the public are invited to ask questions or raise issues relevant to the work of the Council. The overall time available for this session is restricted to 15 minutes unless the Chair decides otherwise. Individual speakers are restricted to 3 minutes and are asked not to repeat points that have been made previously. It is helpful if potential contributors can make themselves known to the Town Clerk before the meeting so that the session can be programmed effectively.

Public participation is not part of the formal meeting of the Council however a note will be made of matters raised and recorded at the start of the minutes of the meeting.

Please note that the Town Council is a Statutory Consultee for Planning Applications and as such does not make the final decision on any application. Any decisions and comments this Committee makes will be fed into the planning process and added to the report by the Planning Officer. South Somerset District Council is the Planning Authority and will issue the final decision notice (Planning Determination) once their investigations into the application, consultation period and decision making process has been completed.

The Agenda for the meeting is given below. All plans are available to view at South Somerset District’s website www.southsomerset.gov.uk or in the Town Council office.


Joy Norris
Town Clerk



  1. Apologies for absence
    To receive apologies for absence from Councillors unable to attend the meeting.
  2. Declarations of Interest
    To receive any declarations from Councillors and Officers of interests in respect of matters to be considered at this meeting, together with an appropriate statement regarding the nature of the interest.
  3. Minutes
    To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 3 September 2019 as a correct record.
  4. Office Action Plan
    To consider the Office Action Plan relating to the Committee.
  5. Police Report
    This agenda item provides an opportunity for the Police to report on any matters relevant to policing in Ilminster.
  6.   Planning Applications
    The Committee is asked to consider the following applications and agree their comments and recommendations to be forwarded to South Somerset District Council:
    a) Land adjacent 1 Greenway, Dowlish Ford TA19 0PJ application No 19/01777/OUT
    Outline application for the erection of a detached dwelling including access
    Amended plans / additional information.
    The amendment is “red site line altered to not include neighbours land”
    The Committee discussed this application at their meeting on 6 August 2019 – the minute from that meeting (P275c) reads as follows:
    “Issues discussed during consideration of this application included:
  • Access will be changed and that will impact on hedgerow;
  • A visibility splay will be required –
  • A previous application was rejected access / visibility grounds
  • The application site flooded last year
  • The information provided on the application form does not match the submitted plan
    Note: 19:55 hrs The Chair took the meeting out of formal session in order for the representative from the Agent organisation to speak. The speaker made the following points:
  • The alterations to the existing access are not significant
  • On the flood map for planning the application site is in flood zone 1
  • The application site is not within 20metres of a watercourse

Note: 19:56hrs The Chair took the meeting back into formal session

The Committee continued their discussion:

  • An Environmental Impact Assessment should be requested
  • The application underestimates the flood impact on the area of the proposal

RESOLVED to recommend refusal on the following grounds:

  • the information provided on the application form does not match the submitted plan
  • inadequate research especially regarding flooding in the area
  • damage to an existing hedgerow,
  • flood risk to the application site
  • in adequate access”

b) 28 Silver Street Ilminster TA19 0DR Application No 19/02366/FUL
Alterations and the sub division of an existing dwelling house into two apartments

 c) 37 New Road, Ilminster TA19 9AF, Application No 19/02317/HOU
Erection of a single storey rear extension

 d) Ilminster Delivery Office 16-18 East Street, Ilminster TA19 0AJ Application 19/02461/P3JPA
Prior approval for the change of use of offices to 4 residential flats

7. Planning Decisions made by SSDC
Decisions made by South Somerset District Council (28.08.19 – 25.09.19) and are reported for information. For more details, please see South Somerset District Council Website: http://www.southsomerset.gov.uk/planningsearch

8. Budget 2019/20
To consider any income and expenditure ideas in preparation for the budget workshop.


Planning, Highways and Transport Committee Members:
Councillors Burton, Higgins, James, Mackillop, Shearman, Swann, Taylor, and Wilcock

Click here to download the PHT agenda for 01 October 2019

Click here to download Agenda Number 3 draft mins 03 September 2019

Click here to download Agenda 4 action list 

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