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Community Plan
An opportunity to carry out a community consultation was offered to Ilminster Town Council in conjunction with SALC, Somerset Council and Smart Communities in October 2022. The project was fully funded through Somerset Council.
A questionnaire was created with the assistance of Smarter Communities that would allow the Town Council and other organisations to be able to use an evidence base for the furtherment of a variety of projects in Ilminster using the communities’ thoughts.
Please find the reports below.
The updated Action Plan will be uploaded below after the 19th March 2024 Town Council meeting.
The Town Council has very limited manpower and resources to help residents who suffer from flooding.
If there is a yellow/amber warning for bad weather, residents should make preparations to protect their homes and move their vehicles to higher ground.

Emergency Contacts

Emergency Services (if life is at risk)               999

Environment Agency – Floodline                     0845 988 1188

Wessex Water                                                        0845 600 4 600

Sewage Floodline                                                  0845 850 5959

Leakstoppers                                                          0800 692 0692

Non-Emergency Contacts

Environment Agency                                           03708 506 506

Flood Protection Association                            033 33 23 87 01

National Flood Forum                                        01299 403 055

Police (non-emergency)                                     101

Somerset Civil Contingencies Unit                   0845 345 9188

Somerset Drainage Boards                                 01278 789906

Somerset Highways (to report blocked

Highway drain or gully)                                      0300 123 2224

For urgent enquiries, the Flood Risk Management Team can be contacted on:

0300 123 2224 between 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday to Friday.

Please note that the team are not an ‘Emergency Response Team’ and if you have flooded or are in imminent danger of flooding, please refer to the contact list above.



For information to get prepared for flooding please visit Somerset Council’s webpage at: www.somerset.gov.uk/preparing for flooding

Somerset Council’s telephone number is 0300 123 2224.
You can get more advice and information from Somerset Council website here.
If householders have had problems getting home insurance, click here for the Government’s website which also has information for lower cost insurance for householders living in flood prone areas.
Ilminster Town Council
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