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How Much do Town Councillors Get Paid?

Town Councillors do not get paid. The role of a Town Councillor is varied and requires a genuine interest in the Town, its residents, businesses and visitors. The amount of time a Councillor spends on Town Council business will vary but will be at least 3 hours per week and can be considerably more, particularly for Committee Chairs. As well as meeting local people, Councillors spend time preparing for and attending Council and Committee meetings. Some Councillors will represent the Council at meetings of other organisations.


How Do I know What the Town Council is Doing?

Town Council meetings are open to the public to attend. Agendas of meetings are put on the notice board in the Market Square at least 3 working days before the meeting and are also on the Town Council’s website. Voting at meetings is by a show of hands, so can be seen by everyone present. The Minutes of meetings are available for anyone to read in the Town Council Offices and those of more recent meetings are on the Town Council website.


Who Makes the Decisions?

Town Council decisions must be made by Councillors in a formal meeting, which has been properly convened and publicised. An individual Councillor cannot make a decision or tell Town Council employees what to do. The Town Clerk is an employee of the Town Council and is responsible for the day-to day running of the Council and can make some decisions if they are in accordance with agreed policy and within budget.


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