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Agenda for the Town Council meeting being held on Tuesday 15th February 2022 at 19:30hrs

Posted on 8th February, 2022 in Agendas – Town Council

A meeting of the Town Council will be held on Tuesday 15 February 2022 in the Council Chamber, Council Office, North Street, Ilminster, TA19 0DG starting at 19:30 hrs.


Members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend.  However, due to ongoing Covid-19 concerns and a duty to protect all attendees, there will be a limited number of members of the public able to attend. If you wish to attend, please let Ilminster Town Clerk know either by email town.council@ilminster.gov.uk or phone the office on 01460 52149 by 3pm on Tuesday 15 February 2022. Officers of the council will advise whether capacity remains.


If members of the public have any questions on matters that are on the agenda, then, if possible, please notify the Council Office before the day of meeting which item you would like to speak about.


This meeting has been advertised as a public meeting and as such could be filmed or recorded by broadcasters, the media, or members of the public. Please be aware that whilst every effort is taken to ensure that members of the public are not filmed, we cannot guarantee this, especially if you are speaking or taking an active role.


The business to be transacted at the meeting is outlined on the Agenda below. Any reports listed as “to follow” will be made available as soon as possible, and in any event at least 30 minutes before the start of the meeting.


It is requested that face masks or coverings are worn at all times during this meeting unless you are speaking.




Yours sincerely

Mark Tredwin

Town Clerk







  1. Public Forum

Fifteen minutes will be made available for public comment and response in relation to items on this agenda. Individuals will be permitted a maximum of three minutes each to address the committee

 Apologies for Absence

To receive apologies for absence from Councillors unable to attend the meeting

  1. District and County Councillor Reports
  2. Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations from Councillors and Officers of interests in respect of matters to be considered at this meeting, together with an appropriate statement regarding the nature of the interest

Members are reminded that if they have a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest (DPI) (on their register of interest or otherwise) relating to any item on the agenda they are prevented from participating in any discussion or voting on that matter at the meeting as to do so would amount to a criminal offence. Similarly, if you are or become aware of a DPI in a matter under consideration at this meeting which is not on your register of interests or is in the process of being added to your register you must disclose such interest at this meeting, leave and not Vote on the item and register the DPI within 28 days. Similarly, other Personal Interests should be declared at this meeting.


To NOTE the grant of dispensations made by the Town Clerk in relation to the business of this meeting

  1. Minutes – Town Council

To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 28 January 2021 as a correct record. The minutes from the indicative meeting on the 25 January will be appended to the minutes of the 28 January meeting.

  1. Minutes – Planning, Highways & Transport

To receive the minutes of the meeting held on 1 February 2022 and note the committee’s comments made on planning applications therein

 Councillor Representatives of external organisations

Members to be given verbal updates by Councillor Representatives of any meetings that they have attended

  1. Financial Monitoring

For members to receive and note the contents of the Finance report

  1. Appoint an Internal Auditor

          Members to consider and select an Internal Auditor

  1. Wessex Water proposals

          For members to be informed of the proposals from Wessex Water regarding the plans for reducing sewerage over spills in Ilminster.

  1. Neighbourhood plan

To receive updates from and approve the final Plan for the next stage of the process

 Ilminster Sports Club Ltd

Member to consider revised plans for play park and receive verification of arrangements for the maintenance and upkeep

 The Queens Platinum Jubilee celebrations

Members to consider what preparations are being made


          Members to review permission of use of free activities for Play days Ilminster Children.  Drive vehicles onto recreational ground.  Use of skate park and water and electric.

 Community Events

          Members to consider the following community events and Officers given delegated authority for the below events.

 a) Christmas Festival (Formerly Victorian Evening)

          Members to review permission of use the Market House – an all-day event with carol singing followed by a band in the market house incorporating the switching on of the Ilminster Christmas lights in the evening.

  1. b) IMEX

Members to review permission for use of the recreational grounds and market house – IMEX runs from the 11th June and 12th June. Council have already agreed to host IMEX for 11th June on the Recreation Ground/market house. Members to delegate Officers Authority to vary permissions if required.

  1. c) Lawsons All Human Circus

Members to review permission for use of the recreational grounds for the All-Human Circus, and use of water, parking on the recreation ground.  Dates are 18th July to 20th July 2022

  1. d) Scarecrow Competition

Members to approve the office to run the Scarecrow competition for the provisional dates 12th June through to 17th June 2022 and to delegate any other decisions to officers

  1. e) Fairtrade Fortnight

          Members to delegate authority to officers to work with Ilminster Fairtrade to help promote Fairtrade Fortnight which commences 21 February 2022

  1. Future of Local Government in Somerset

Members to note the verbal updates.

  1. Exempt Business


To move that under Section 1, Paragraph 2 of The Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, the press and public be excluded from the meeting for this item of business in view of the likely disclosure of confidential matters about information relating to an individual, and information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person, within the meaning of paragraphs 1 and 8 of schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972 (see Section 1 and Part 1 of Schedule 1 to the Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985), as amended by the Local Government (Access to Information) (Variation) Order 2006.



PLEASE NOTE THAT MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND THIS MEETING AS OBSERVERS Under the Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014, any members of the public are now allowed to take photographs, film and audio record the proceedings and report on all public meetings (including on social media). No prior notification is needed but it would be helpful to let the office know of any plans to film or record so that any necessary arrangements can be made to provide reasonable facilities to report on meetings. This permission does not extend to private meetings or parts of meetings which are not open to the public. All recording and photography equipment should be taken away if a public meeting moves into a session which is not open to the public.


If you are recording the meeting, you are asked to act in a reasonable manner and not disrupt the conduct of meetings for example by using intrusive lighting, flash photography or asking people to repeat statements for the benefit of the recording. You may not make an oral commentary during the meeting. The Chairman has the power to control public recording and/or reporting so it does not disrupt the meeting. Members of the public exercising their right to speak during Public Question Time may be recorded. Copies of this document are available in large print on request.


 Click here to download the Agenda:   Agenda – 15-02-22

Ag 6 Draft minutes Town Council 28th January 2022

Ag 7 Draft minutes PHT 01.02.22

Ag 9 Finance Report

Ag 9 Income and expenditure report

Ag 11 Wessex Water

Appendix 11a C00432-FIGURE_0001

Appendix 11b C00432-FIGURE_0002

Appendix 11c C00432-FIGURE_0003

Appendix 11d C00432-FIGURE_0004

agenda item 12 Neighbourhood Plan

agenda item 13 Ilminster Sports club

Appendix 13A – Ilminster Sports Club

Ag 15 SSDC Play Days

Ag 16 Community events



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