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OPEN SPACES working-group will be held on 1 June 2021 starting at 8.30pm.

Posted on 27th May, 2021 in Agendas - Open Spaces

A meeting of the Open Spaces working-group will be held on 1 June 2021 starting at 8.30pm. The members of the council who were appointed as members of the Open Spaces Committee at the Full Council Meeting on the 4 May 2021 are members of this working group.

The meeting will take place remotely through the use of Skype.

To join the meeting, please contact town.clerk@ilminster.gov.uk by 5pm Tuesday 1st June 2021 with your Skype account details and wait for the Town Clerk to call you just before the start of the meeting.


The business to be considered at the meeting is outlined on the Agenda below.

Yours sincerely


Mark Tredwin

Locum Town Clerk




  1. To elect a Chair


  1. To elect a Vice Chair


  1. Public Forum

Fifteen minutes will be made available for public comment and response in relation to items on this agenda.                 Individuals will be permitted a maximum of three minutes each to address the committee.


  1. Apologies for absence

To receive apologies for absence from Councillors unable to attend the meeting.

  1. Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations from Councillors and Officers of interests in respect of matters to be considered at              this meeting, together with an appropriate statement regarding the nature of the interest.

         Members are reminded that if they have a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest on their register of interest relating           to any item on the agenda, they are prevented from participating in any discussion or voting on that matter             at the meeting as to do so would amount to a criminal offence. Similarly, if you are or become aware of a                  Disclosable Pecuniary Interest in a matter under consideration at this meeting which is not on your register              of interests or is in the process of being added to your register you must disclose such interest at this meeting            and register it within 28 days.

  1. Dispensations

To note the grant of dispensations made by the Town Clerk in relation to the business of this meeting.


  1. Minutes

Minutes of the last meeting of the Open Spaces Committee on the 4 April 2021 will be considered formally at the        first meeting of the reconvened Committee. Draft copies have been provided to all council members prior to this          meeting.


  1. Open Spaces Team report


  1. Financial Monitoring report


  1. Rabbit Report

To update members on a request to cull rabbits.


  1. Rural Market Town Group Signs report

To consider allowing officers to go ahead with replacing signs in Ilminster.


  1. Sunflowers Request

To consider a request for sunflowers to be incorporated in the displays in the Minster.


  1. IMEX Dance request

To consider a request for the skatepark area to be used for a dance performance during IMEX and for power to be       provided from the toilet block / tuck shop.


Open Spaces Working-group Members:

Councillors Swann, Shepherd, Gunn, Taylor, Wilcock, White, Lancaster and Hamilton



Click here to download the Agenda:

01.06.21 Opening Spaces NB


Click here to download the reports for the above Agenda.

Agenda Item 8 Open spaces Team report June 2021

Agenda item 9 OS Finance Report 26.5.21

Agenda 9 OS Finance report

Agenda Item 10 Rabbit Report MT

Agenda item 12 Rural Market Town Signs

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